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Welcome to Live Breathe Fitness
with Elaine Altholz
Guiding you to focus
on a lifestyle that
helps you live life to
the fullest potential. 
Guiding you to focus on a lifestyle that helps you live life to the fullest potential. 



Diane F.

Elaine incorporates strength training, flexibility, and balance into every class. She appreciates that certain movements might be challenging and helps us attain our goals with humor and understanding. I leave class feeling great and am amazed at how long that feeling of well being lasts. It’s what keeps me coming back for more!

Renee G.

Elaine is a truly inspiring, motivating, talented and outstanding teacher. She is highly skilled and experienced. Her true caring for her clients, contagious passion and in depth understanding of the body provides those fortunate enough to work with her an unusual opportunity to improve one's physical fitness and overall well-being at any age. Elaine's approach is holistic; combining rigor and ease with exercises, stretching and breathing techniques that also support one's emotional wellness and balance. Elaine's seemingly endless repertoire taps into a wide array of techniques to address the mind and body; the whole self. She is an unusual combination, I highly recommend!

Patricia M.

Elaine Altholz has been my personal trainer for thirty years. That's longer than most marriages.  She is extraordinary -- knowledgable, enthusiastic, caring and totally inspirational.  I have other friends who also work out with Elaine, and they all feel the same way.  Our bodies -- and minds -- would be lost without her


Anna F.

 I have worked with Elaine for many years and can promise you that she is a dedicated, inspiring, knowledgeable trainer  - and a fun person to work with! She is highly trained and her individualized programs are thoughtful and sophisticated.

Lori D.

Being a student of Elaine’s for the past 15+ years is one of my greatest accomplishments. She teaches us how to be kind to ourselves (without feeling selfish); she strengthens each and every muscle and then relaxes them afterwards; she teaches balance which is very important as we age. Her knowledge of the body is immense and as she continually participates in classes, she passes that information on to her students. Her breathing techniques help us to stay calm and composed in this hectic environment. Your flexibility and posture will definitely improve as you practice her core and conditioning exercises. On every level , she will help you succeed whether a beginner or an athlete. As she reminds us at every class, “one can modify if it does not suit one’s body”. Thank you Elaine for all these years as a dedicated teacher.

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